My name is Jack Roberts, I am 22 years old and have spent the majority of those years exploring the Lake District, our home in the Langdale Valley being a perfect spring board. Trying to keep up with two older brothers and eager parents who have a love for all things outdoors I was often thrown into challenging activities from a young age, in reflection this has certainly spurred my desire to explore and challenge myself. Sedbergh School furthered my interest in the outdoors through constant fell running, climbing and mountain biking, developing my intense love for the Howgill fells, within which Sedbergh nestles itself.

Progressing through Sedbergh School led me onto Loughborough University. Although a little south and flat for my tastes, Loughborough has been a fantastic place to study for the past three years. My undergraduate course has certainly tested me in a variety of aspects and it continues to lay the path for an exciting future.

With only a limited number of months as a student remaining I have used this time to plan and fill the void between University and ‘the real world’ with a challenge that can raise massive awareness.

I invite you to follow me and my family on this challenging journey ahead, because together we really can make a difference and beat such a dreadful disease.





 To raise funds and awareness for Parkinson's UK and contribute my upmost to their desire to ensure new and better treatment's in years, rather than decades. I maintain the belief that together we can bring forward the day when no one fears Parkinson's!