Just over seventeen years ago my dad, Brian, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. At just five years old I could not understand what it was or the circumstance it was to cause but over the years the disease has gradually taken its toll. Dad leads our active family in all we do but sadly Parkinson’s does not let him do the things he used to do so avidly, whether that be skiing, hill walking, sailing or water-skiing on an almost frozen Windermere. A disease as cruel as Parkinson’s has certainly strengthened our family as the sheer determination of Dad is incredible.

He battles the disease head on every day, not letting it take complete control over him which it sadly does to so many. Even at the his age he is still the first up in the morning and the last to bed in the evening, he continues about his working day as if nothing was getting to him. Not once does he ask for sympathy or tell anyone what is happening to him, his humbleness and humility is something that is truly admirable.  





Parkinson's is a progressive neurological condition. A lack of dopamine causes loss of nerve cells in the brain, which in turn triggers tremors, rigidity, and slowness of movement. People with Parkinson's can also experience insomnia and tiredness, difficulties with speech and swallowing, digestive problems, pain and depression. The condition will progressively worsen over time causing patients to become housebound and dependent upon care. There's currently no cure for Parkinson's and we don't yet know why people get the condition.




Every hour, someone in the UK is told they have Parkinson's. Because of Parkinson's UK no one has to face Parkinson's alone. They offer friendship, support, expert information and advice, funding ground breaking research into Parkinson's and  leading the way to finding a cure. Their work is totally dependent on donations and its only with the help of people like you that they can continue their vital research projects, as they believe a cure will be found by overcoming the symptoms one by one.